The top 10 vendor metrics to use for productive performance reviews

According to a survey of 200 legal departments from 21 countries, just 27% of legal operations teams officially analyse vendor performance. However, over half of the teams polled expressed an interest in doing so. It’s difficult to tell which suppliers are worth working with—and which are costing you more than necessary—without a dependable vendor performance … Read more

5 ways to achieve efficient contract risk management

Isn’t it wonderful to take a chance? However, that is not acceptable in your company’s legal department. However, every contract, no matter how tiny or insignificant it appears, introduces a new risk to your organisation. By utilising legal technology, you and your department will be able to approve contracts more quickly and with less risk. … Read more

3 Advantages of Using Legal Technology to Enforce Billing Guidelines

The billing process, by its very nature, creates conflict between in-house legal teams and outside law firms. Surprise expenses that are unjustified, unapproved charges, and invoices submitted weeks or months after work has been finished are just a few examples of sources of dissatisfaction, and in some circumstances, conflict. Legal billing standards, a document meant … Read more

How legal ops and finance can improve legal spend management together

Legal operations and finance can work together to enhance legal spending management.Even though 74% of legal ops professionals said that reducing costs was their top objective for 2021, it’s clear that the two departments should work together more closely. Legal spending may be better understood when finance and legal operations collaborate. It’s possible for legal … Read more