Top 5 Best Legal Online Services in 2022 for all of Your Legal Needs

We live in a technologically evolved world where we no longer need to go to different locations in order to complete our tasks. If you want to order anything, it’s fantastic since there are e-commerce websites that can assist you with your purchase. If you want assistance with a medical prescription, you may take use of one of the many online services offered by many doctors. If you need to pay your taxes or bills, all you have to do is visit their respective pages and your job will be completed in a matter of minutes.

Even if there have been several technological advancements in everyday work, the other service that can be obtained through the use of internet platforms is the use of legal services that are readily available at your fingertips. There are a variety of websites and applications accessible for people to choose from, depending on the type of job they wish to undertake. If you are also seeking for a couple of the greatest online legal services, please read through to the conclusion to have all of your questions answered and explanations.

Several services are given within the general category of legal services, including free counselling, startup-related legal procedures, legal paperwork, hiring attorneys, and many more. All of this may be accomplished at the touch of a button or with a few clicks.

Let’s have a look at some of the numerous platforms that provide different legal services for our convenience:

Online Legal India

Customer care is a priority at Online Legal India, which offers a wide range of legal services to its clients. Online Legal India was founded with the goal of making people’s lives better every day via the provision of high-quality legal services. They are well-known for having a desire to resolve all of their clients’ difficulties in a single transaction. Their primary goal is to serve their customers with the greatest possible services while also listening to their demands so that they may seek the assistance of the country’s legal system to settle their concerns in the shortest amount of time.

The following are the services offered by Online Legal India:

  • Consultation services are available.
  • Providing legal advice as well as the service of examining and renewing legal documents is what we do.
  • GST registration and filing are required.
  • The company and the registration of its trademark.
  • Consumer concerns are being investigated, and customers are being assisted in finding answers, among other things.


LegalKart is a platform that allows a large number of consumers to communicate with lawyers in real time. LegalKart was founded with the objective of making legal access more democratic by making it impartial and inexpensive for all those in need of legal assistance. They hope to accelerate the growth of India’s economy by reducing litigation to zero percent.

LegalKart is not a legal portal in the same vein as, for example, Online Legal India. Instead, it functions as a platform that links clients with well-known attorneys and legal firms. As part of their specific services, LegalKart is well recognised for providing legal assistance to startups and a variety of other sorts of paperwork.

LegalKart provides the following services:

  • immediate counsel.
  • Concerns about employment.
  • Consumer protection is important.
  • The check bounces.
  • Verification of supporting documentation.
  • Documents that need to be renewed or reviewed.
  • Legal issues pertaining to real estate.
  • Legal documents for a new business.


It is yet another high-level legal services platform of the highest calibre. Vidhikarya is a one-stop platform that provides its users with a plethora of options when seeking assistance from the company. For lawyers and customers, Vidhikarya’s vision is to aid in the creation of a favourable environment by providing assistance, facilitation, and support. They aspire to serve as a link between the individual and the legal system. “Legal matters resolved” is the motto of this firm.

They approach their work with the mindset of providing legal assistance to everyone in need while removing all of the red tape that one must go through when seeking legal assistance. They are successfully pursuing this goal with the assistance of a talented team of attorneys. They have their rules established in such a way that they can bring about revolutionary changes in the corporate world while also assisting customers who are in desperate need of assistance.

Vidhikarya provides the following services:

  • free legal advice.
  • Customers are connected directly to the appropriate attorney.
  • GST and tax filing are two different things.
  • It assists you in locating a lawyer for any potential lawsuits that may arise in your area.
  • Services relating to banks, among other things

India’s Legal Services

India’s Legal Services Legal assistance on the home page India is a large platform that makes its consumers aware of legal information while also delivering a wide range of legal services to them. They contain a huge quantity of legal material kept inside them, which is made available to the public for the benefit of incoming law students as well as anybody else who may use that information for their own purposes.

Legal Advice and Representation India’s objective has been maintained simple, with the idea and plan of globalising beneficial knowledge relating to the law for students as well as those in need as its central concept.

The following are the services provided by Legal Service India:

  • Registration of intellectual property rights.
  • Obtaining the services of an attorney.
  • Obtaining competent counsel and assistance.
  • Obtaining legal services using the internet.
  • Hiring a lawyer for a variety of concerns, such as corporate issues, marital troubles, bank issues, and so on is a good investment.


Vakilsearch is another top-level legal organisation that facilitates communication between consumers and top-level attorneys by starting and facilitating conversation between customers and top-level lawyers. When it comes to providing assistance, Vakilsearch is a formidable platform from which its devoted consumers may benefit. We at Vakilsearch want to provide an excellent platform for the development of strong relationships between customers and legal experts. Their mission is to simplify the judicial system.

Vakilsearch is a platform that provides every type of relevant assistance needed by new businesses or organisations. Vakilsearch is a free service. They are tasked with the objective of streamlining business operations and effectively achieving all of the requirements set by the government by completing the entire process from beginning to end.

  • Trademark applications are among the services offered by Vakilsearch.
  • Patent applications are filed.
  • Registration of intellectual property rights.
  • Providing legal services to clients.
  • Providing CA services for a new business venture.
  • GST-related services, among other things.


Legal services are one of the most important services that we all use from time to time in our lives. Either to complete a tax form or to register for a marriage, the reason for the visit is unknown. Everything must be handled solely by a legal professional in order to be effective. We no longer need to make a frequent visit to the lawyer’s office, on the other hand.

All of this labour may now be completed by online platforms that are dedicated to delivering legal services to consumers. Below are some of the most excellent legal services available in India at this time.


What is the greatest legal forms service available online?

Some of the top online legal services are LegalShield, Avvo, LegalZoom, and FindLaw.

Is it a smart idea to get legal counsel online?

Although using an online legal service is faster and less expensive, you may find that you wind up spending more in the long run.

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